The bread museum in Torà

The bread museum in ToràThe bread museum is an communal  old oven dating from medieval times. It was known as the village oven in the past. It was restored in 1983 by the Historical and artistic heritage lovers of Torà.

Bookings on: 973 460 028
Web: The bread museum

The Guissona museum

The Guissona museumArchaeological remains from the Roman settlement of Iesso- Guissona. You will enjoy visiting the archaeological remains and the Eduard Camps museum.

Bookings on: 973 551 414
Web: The Guissona museum

Regional of Cervera Museum

Regional of Cervera MuseumYou can enjoy visiting The museum former house Duran i Sanpere (exhitions room and Duran  Former house), The wheat and peasantry museum, the Romanesque  church of Sant Joan de Jerusalem

Bookings on: 973 533 917
Web: Regional of Cervera Museum

The Diocesan museum in Solsona

the Diocesan museum in SolsonaIn this museum you can visit the different periods  from the prehistory, ancient, medieval, modern  and contemporary times. There are exhibits from the bishopric of Solsona of archaeological worth.

Bookings on: 973 482 101
Web: the Diocesan museum

Restaurant Can Solé Xic

It’s located next to the rural house Cal Miramunt. It’s worth having a meal there. 


Cal Miramunt Diary

Check the activities and news from cal Miramunt, Claret and  the surroundings of the area of La Segarra and El Solsonés


The sky from Claret village

You can enjoy observing the planets and the Stars. From cal Miramunt-Claret. It’s an ideal place to observe the sky at night.


The Accessibility

Cal Miramunt is an accommodation of rural tourism very accessible from architectural barrier of the house to the easy access of the web page.

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