The Llobregós river Valley

The Llobregós river valley. These routes are near the village of Biosca facing Guissona. It is 15 minutes far from Cal Miramunt by car. It is a protected natural place of interest by the environmental department of La Generalitat de Catalunya. Enjoy the nature either on foot or by BTT.

This area offers gysophilae plants which are in danger of extinction among others which are unique in Europe. Discover the outstanding features such as oak groves woods, boxes trees, huts, old flour mills, springs and unusual landscapes.

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The Llobregós river Valley

Restaurant Can Solé Xic

It’s located next to the rural house Cal Miramunt. It’s worth having a meal there. 


Cal Miramunt Diary

Check the activities and news from cal Miramunt, Claret and  the surroundings of the area of La Segarra and El Solsonés


The sky from Claret village

You can enjoy observing the planets and the Stars. From cal Miramunt-Claret. It’s an ideal place to observe the sky at night.


The Accessibility

Cal Miramunt is an accommodation of rural tourism very accessible from architectural barrier of the house to the easy access of the web page.

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