The Civil War route

The Civil War route. Clot dels Aubins The civil war route in La Segarra instals signs on 8 points distributed along the towns of Cervera and Sió Plans. The itinerary starts in Clots dels Aubens, 2 km from the Cervera- Agramunt road where the revolutionary forces in the rearguard took place. Reaching Concabella where, during the Civil War, became a republican labour camp, number 4,  belonging to the frightful SIM. The third place leads us to know the  republican aerodrome where during the Spring in 1938 became the prefecture of the fighter air force of the Catalan Military region.

On going back to Cervera, you must first stop in the graveyard, this place is the best place to get a real vision of what the tragedy of a war represents. Once inside the city, we stop opposite the CEIP Balmes(school). This place, during the April in 1 938, was fitted out as a Military Hospital of the 18th  army corps together with the ground floor of the University. The seventh point of the itinerary is the most damaged place by the air raid over Cervera on the 3rd of December 1938, the railway station promenade. Finally, we finish our itinerary presenting the Franco dictatorship opposite the main entrance of the University , as a sign of a war that was over in the battle front but still remains in people’s minds.

You can  either go by bicycle or by car to go around this route. You will need a whole morning or afternoon to visit it carefully and with the attention that this visit requires.

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Restaurant Can Solé Xic

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